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About components

You assemble Xtraction content by dragging and dropping a data source's components from the navigation pane onto the design canvas of the details pane. The image below shows how this occurs in the Dashboard Designer tool:

As you assemble content for a dashboard or document, you're working with one individual component at a time. A dashboard or document can contain one or more components selected from any component type. Available components vary by target data source and can include graphs, charts, lists, or images.

Some component types enable you to show multiple, independent series of data from separate data sources. With these same components, you can also set up a calculated series that aggregates the data across those data sources.

Upon completion, you will have created an interactive, real-time dashboard design for onscreen viewing, or a document for export to Word or other formats for presenting to staff or management. For details about using these tools, see Using the Dashboard Designer or Using the Document Designer.

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