Xtraction powered by Landesk

Getting started

Xtraction is a visualization tool that enables you to simplify the status reporting of connected application databases through interactive, real-time dashboards. You can use Xtraction to export this same data into formats such as MS Word for presentations to management or staff, as well as create custom reports using standard SQL statements that run outside of the Xtraction component framework.

Xtraction presents data from the connected application databases (known as "data sources") in the form of components defined within the Xtraction data model.

With Xtraction, you can:

Produce data in many forms, from dashboards to documents to reports.

Set up dashboards and status reports for one or more data sources within a single view.

Capture data permanently and easily, from simple screen shots to scheduled exports of pre-defined reports comprising multiple components.

Use an alert feature to set up notifications for keeping track of data source status changes.