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Configuring Xtraction settings

The Xtraction administrator is responsible for configuring the following settings and defaults.

Updating Xtraction database connection settings

If the database connection settings have changed from those used during installation, you need to update Xtraction before it will work again. Reasons for updating include moving the installation to a new server or changes to security management. You can update connection settings via the Xtraction Settings application (XtractionSettings.exe), located in the Xtraction installation folder.

For details, see the Xtraction Installation Guide located on the Ivanti community website.

Configuring global display settings

Xtraction enables you to configure global display settings.

Defining default colors for group- and pivot-component values

You can define the default colors for a data source's field values when displayed in group- or pivot-component charts. Do so by pairing a field and value with a certain color. For example, when the field "Priority" has a value of "1," you can apply the color red; when it has a value of "2," you can apply the color orange, and so on.

Users can override these defaults in their own group- or pivot-component displays if necessary (via the Colors tab in the component dialog).

Defining a set of columns for viewing list components

For the list components of each data source, you can define a default set of columns as a way to tailor the content that's viewable to users. Columns excluded from the list are no longer presented for viewing, which enables you to focus users' design efforts on specific data when they add a list component to a dashboard or open a record list from another component.

In their personal profiles, individual users can also create their own default sets of columns that take precedence over any that the administrator creates. Order of precedence for viewable columns is as follows:

1.Columns defined by users in their own personal profiles.

2.Columns defined by the administrator.

3.Columns defined in the data model, where neither of the above exists. When the person acting as data model editor adds a data source to Xtraction, all fields in the record list are flagged for inclusion, or display. It's the responsibility of the editor to narrow those fields to a defined set, typically to around ten columns.

Managing license availability

License availability can become a problem when users log out of Xtraction by closing their web browser instead of using the recommended Logout option at the bottom of the web-based interface—in this case, the license isn't immediately released.

Because license usage is defined by each Xtraction session open in a browser, the problem of license availability is compounded when a user using multiple licenses concurrently doesn't exit the sessions in the recommended way. Make sure to tell users this, but you may also want to lower their browser-session timeout setting to ensure that licenses are more readily available after exiting.

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