Text components

You can use text components to display simple text, which is useful for displaying a large heading on a monitor or projector so that it's visible from a distance. There are two lines of text that can be shown, header and body. You have the option of displaying the body text as a hyperlink, so that clicking it opens a URL in a new browser window.

Text components are not dependent on data and do not use a data model.

To edit text component properties

If you're not already connected to a data source, click the icon in the left navigation pane and connect to one.

1.From the left navigation pane, drag and drop a text component onto a pane of the layout. The Text Component Series dialog displays with these options:

General tab

Title: Title for the text as it will display in the details pane.

Name: Optional description.

Output tab

Text color: Select a color for the text—click the checkbox, then use the drop-down to select a color. Default colors depend on the current Xtraction theme.

Header text: Text that will display as the header.

Body text: Text that will display as the body text.

URL: Select this option and enter a valid URL to display the body text as a hyperlink. Click Test to verify the URL is valid.

2. Click OK to save.