Exporting components to 3rd-party applications

To use this feature, you must have component scheduler rights and be assigned the ability to design exportables.

You can export single components from Xtraction to 3rd-party applications. Doing so enables you to store data from Xtraction in one location and provides an easy way for others to view the data in a single application.

There are design restrictions when exporting components:

You can only export one component at a time.

You're limited to using the group, time, and pivot components. With each component, there are limitations to the format you can use for the export. For example, with group components, you're limited to the formats of pie, doughnut, column, bar, and bubble. With pivot components, you're limited to group and time group pivots. Grid formats aren't available for any of the components.

You can't perform the following actions: set up alert rules, use temporary filters, copy the component to a document, or convert the component to a resizable one.

After the component is scheduled for export, you'll see it displayed as a task on the Scheduled components page. This page is similar to the Scheduled tasks page; you can open it by clicking the Click the icon to open the Scheduled components page. icon in the left navigation pane.

A red Copy Exportable Link icon will be visible in the right-side column of the Tasks list. Click this icon to copy a link to the component, which you can then paste into a 3rd-party application of your choosing.

Use the Scheduled component page to export components to 3rd-party applications.

The Xtraction administrator can find all exported components by default in the C:\Program Files\Xtraction Software\Xtraction\Data\Exportables folder.

Xtraction viewers do not have the rights to search for or view components exported to 3rd-party applications.