Managing folders

To make changes to folders, you must have enterprise designer or designer rights.

Xtraction uses folders to organize saved dashboards, documents, and filters. Use the Folders dialog to manage all aspects of your folders, which includes (with proper user rights) defining the users and groups that are permitted to view the items contained within each folder.

To manage folders

1.Click the The toolbox icon is used to open the default view within Xtraction. toolbox icon, then click the The folder icon is used to open the Folders dialog, where you can manage the displayed folders. icon. The Folder dialog opens, where you can do the following:

Add, edit, move, and delete folders: Expand the folder list. Right-click a folder to add another folder under it, or edit, move, or delete the folder. You cannot edit, move, or delete folders at the root. Added folders are ordered alphabetically. Deleting a folder also removes any subfolders.

Define folder access: When adding or editing a folder, you can define user and group access to the dashboards, documents, and filters contained within. Options available under Permissions depend on your user rights:

Most users may only select Public (accessible to everyone). If you clear this option a lock icon will display, and this folder will be accessible to you and the administrator only. You cannot make a sub-folder of a restricted folder public; the sub-folder will only be available to the same users who have access to the parent folder.

If your user rights allow it, you can restrict folder access to certain groups and/or users. Clear the Public (accessible to everyone) option, then right-click in the Permissions area to add a group or user, or clear permissions. Enterprise designers can give permissions to any groups or users. Designers can give permissions to any groups that they can currently access, or to users within those groups.

Open, export, or delete folder items: Click a folder to view its contained items. Right-click an item to open, export, or delete it. Use the Ctrl key to select multiple items or Ctrl + Shift keys to select sets of items.

Add a folder item to a favorites folder: Click a folder to view its content. Right-click a listed item to add it to a favorites folder.

Move folder items: Drag and drop an item from one folder to another.

2.Click Close in the bottom right corner when finished.