About reports

The following types of reports are available in the Ivanti Access administrative portal:

Ivanti Access Reports: Authentication traffic that goes through Ivanti Access is captured and displayed in Reports > Access.

Session Revocation: Session revocation report provides status information whether the user and service provider (SP) revocation action was successful or not and the context for the revocation. The report is displayed in Reports > Session Revocation. For more information, see Session Revocation.

Error Reports: Whenever a device connection to gateway fails, an error report is generated and displayed in Reports > Errors.

Audit Log: Actions taken by the Ivanti Access local administrator in the Ivanti Access administrative portal are displayed in Reports > Audit.

Authenticator: The Authenticator report provides debugging and activity tracking logs for the multi-factor authentication activity from the Authenticator app in Reports SaaS Sign-on.

Reports data is retained for 90 days.

You can download a report by clicking on Export. The report is downloaded as a CSV file. The export action is captured in the Audit log. If the download fails, a failure message is also captured in the Audit log.

Figure 1. ivanti Access reports