Adding a remediation page

A remediation page is presented to device users if a conditional rule blocks access to a cloud service. You can customize the default remediation page that is provided or you can create a new remediation page. You can create separate remediation pages for each conditional rule to customize the remediation actions that device users see.

After you create a remediation page, navigate to Profile > Conditional Access to associate the remediation page with the conditional rule.

Before you begin 

  • If your deployment is Ivanti Access + Standalone Sentry, verify that you have installed Sentry 9.1.2 through the most recently released version as supported by Ivanti.
  • Verify that you have a working federated pair before enabling this feature.


1. Navigate to Profile >Branding.
2. Click Add Remediation Page in the Remediation Page Branding panel.
The new Remediation page is added below the default remediation page.
3. Customize and preview the remediation page.
4. (Optional) The administrator can choose to associate an appropriate Remediation page with the rule.
5. Click Publish to apply the conditional rule with the profile.

In Ivanti Access + Standalone Sentry deployment, there is a delay of fifteen minutes for Sentry to be updated.

You can customize what the user sees in one of the following ways. If the branding is not customized, the default message is displayed to the device user.