Adding domains for split tunneling

Add destination domains to configure which domains go directly to the destination and which domains go via Standalone Sentry.

Before you begin 

Verify that the Ivanti Tunnel-enabled apps and Safari are tested before deploying to production. This is because enabling or disabling split tunneling in Ivanti Access impacts the traffic through Ivanti Tunnel .

Verify that split tunneling is enabled in Ivanti Access. See Enabling split tunneling .


1. In Ivanti Access, go to Profile > Split Tunneling.

The Split Tunneling Configuration page displays.

2. Click Add Domain.
3. In the Add Split Tunneling Rule pane, enter the name for the rule.
4. (Optional) Enter a description for the domain.
5. In the Split Tunnel Config section, enter the destination domain.

Examples: or *

6. In the Action drop-down, select the appropriate action.
- Send to destination via Sentry: Traffic destined to the domain is sent to Standalone Sentry.
- Send directly to destination: Traffic destined to the domain goes directly to the destination.
7. Click Done. The domain rule is added to the table and is enabled by default.
8. Click Publish to make the changes available.