Client Registration Settings

The Client Registration Settings is used to register Zero Sign-on clients such as Go and Authenticate with Access. The clients send the device identity certificate to Access for Zero Sign-on registration.

The device identity certificates used by clients must follow the same schema as the certificate used in Certificate SSO, under Federation. Use the following setting to determine the username from the certificate and register.


  1. In Ivanti Access, go to Profile > Client Registration Settings.
  2. For User Certificate, select the user certificate from which to get the user identification information such as the username.
    The user certificate is the Ivanti Tunnel sample certificate you uploaded to Ivanti Access.

  3. For Field Name, select the field from which the UEM client gets user identifying information.
  4. (Optional) For Additional transforms, enter a MiTra expression.
    Configure a MiTra expression if the value in the certificate does not map directly to the user identifying information.
    Example: select:X509:SubjectAltName:rfc822Name
  5. Click Save Registration.

Next steps 

For information about MiTra expressions, see Language to generate values from certificate fields.