Conditional rules

Conditional rules define which app, devices, or users are allowed or blocked access to the service provider. Conditional rules are contained in a policy. The rules are applied in the order they are listed in the policy. The top row is evaluated first. If the rule condition is not met, the next rule is evaluated. If rule condition is met, the action associated with the rule is taken and all other rules are skipped. You can change the order of the rules by moving the rule either up or down in the list.

Conditional rules allow or block access to a cloud resource based on the following:

Ivanti Tunnel information

User information

IP network range

You can limit traffic to allow only the configured IP network range, or block traffic from the configured IP network range.

Go to Reports > Access to view the source IP for the authentication traffic.

Source IP or headers added by a HTTP proxy or load balancer.

User agent (app) accessing the cloud service

The user agent is a short string provided by the app accessing the cloud service. The user agent string identifies the app.

Go to Reports > Access to view the user agent string for the authentication traffic.