Configuring attribute mapping and migration in federation

Before you begin 

  • Verify that you have enabled the access attributes and hardware key.


  1. Login to Ivanti Access administration portal with admin credentials.
    Click Profile to view new links such as User Home, Users, and User Certificates.

  2. Click User Certificates to import a new certificate and map the user attributes to control the user information exchanged between Identity Providers and Service Providers.
    If the Certificate based Single Sign-on (SSO) attributes are updated in the federated pair and if the attributes are migrated into User Certificates, then an error displays. Click Copy to migrate the changes to User attributes.

  3. Click Save to import and copy the changes to User Certificates.
    This option is irreversible.

  4. Click Profile > Federation and publish the changes.
    Ivanti Access Attribute mapping is now available in the federated pair and the User Certificates attributes are now mapped to Access Attributes.

Verifying the SAML pair for attributes


  1. Login to any application to validate authentication.

  2. After authentication, login to Access

  3. Click Data & ReportsAccess.

  4. Ensure that the Assertion Attributes are validated appropriately.