Configuring user portal

This topic lets you configure portal URL and authentication process to the portal.

Before you begin 


  1. Login to Ivanti Access with admin credentials.

  2. Click Profile User home.

  3. Click Configure Portal.
    The Portal Settings window opens.

  4. Enter the following details:

    1. Name

    2. Enter the Portal URL: https://<tenant name>
      After the setup is complete, the company name cannot be changed.

    3. The Access attribute mapping is complete.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Select the appropriate identity provider from the list.

  7. Select the signing certificate from the drop-down list.

  8. Select Metadata URL and enter the metadata for the identity provider.

  9. Click Done > Ok.

  10. Click Publish > Ok.
    The User portal is now configured.

  11. Click Actions > Assign Policy to assign a ZSO policy or a default policy.
    If the user now tries to access a federated pair, sign-in using hardware key option is not available.
    The configuration is now complete.

  12. On the User Home portal, click Edit on the pair .

  13. In Ivanti Access attribute mapping, select rfc822name1.

  14. Click Add New to add a new attribute.

    1. Type: UserDomain

    2. Access attribute mapping: directoryName

  15. Click Next Done.

  16. Click Publish.
    You can now distribute the Portal URL to the users and it can be used to sign-in to the portal.