Logging into user portal

Before you begin 


  1. Login to Ivanti Access with admin credentials.

  2. Click ProfileUser Home.

  3. Copy the Portal URL that is available through an email communication.

  4. Paste the Portal URL in a new browser.
    The IdP login window displays.

  5. Login with the credentials.
    The Ivanti User Home portal opens. The biometric and security keys available are listed on this page.

Next Steps

Register security key or biometric for FIDO authentication appropriately.

On macOS earlier than v11, when Mac Touch ID and security key are registered and security key is inserted into the laptop during authentication, browser gives preference to security key and does not allow to select Mac Touch ID. In such a scenario, unplug the security key to use Mac Touch ID as the authenticator.

On macOS later than v11, the browser gives preference to Mac Touch ID. However, user can click Cancel to change the authentication method.