Profile overview

The Profile > Overview page provides an overview of the steps to enable access control for cloud services.

If you have an Ivanti Access + Standalone Sentry deployment, the page also provides a snapshot of Standalone Sentry under Profile Details. You can edit the hostname and SSL certificates from the Overview page.

A profile is a set of configurations that can be assigned to a Standalone Sentry. It consists of a single hostname and its SSL configuration, IdP and SP proxy pairs, and conditional rules that control access to the IdP and SP proxy pairs. You can have multiple IdP and SP proxy pairs and conditional rules in the profile.

For Ivanti Access + Standalone Sentry, you can assign a profile to multiple Standalone Sentry.

Editing the profile

The edit function allows you to update the Standalone Sentry second hostname and SSL certificate for Ivanti Access.


1. In Profile Details, click the text box to edit the details.






The second hostname for Standalone Sentry. The second hostname is associated with Access on Standalone Sentry.

Hostname entered during initial setup.

SSL Certificate Alias

The SSL certificate for Ivanti Access.

Select from the drop down list.

Certificate uploaded during initial setup

Add new certificate

Click to add a new SSL certificate.


2. Click to save the changes or to cancel.

The changes are applied when the Standalone Sentry syncs with the Ivanti Access administrative portal.