Publishing a profile

Publishing the profile makes the changes available. In an Ivanti Access (without Standalone Sentry) deployment, publishing the profile makes the changes live. Typically, it takes less than two minutes for the changes to take effect.

In a deployment with Ivanti Access + Standalone Sentry, the changes are made available to the Standalone Sentry paired with the profile. Standalone Sentry picks up the changes when it next syncs. If there are any changes, Standalone Sentry consumes the changes.

Standalone Sentry syncs every 15 minutes with the Ivanti Access administrative portal. Therefore, it might take up to 15 minutes for the changes to take effect. However, you can force an update from the Standalone Sentry command line.

If there is a delay of fifteen minutes for Sentry to be updated, then to manually force an update, use Sentry CLI accs config-fetch{update| force-update}.

The following changes cause Standalone Sentry to restart:

Fetching updates for the first time

Access hostname changes

Access SSL cert changes

Access port changes

Before you begin 

Under the menu options, click View Changes to verify the changes.

The profile Publish button is hidden when there is no change in the profile since the last publish. The Publish button is enabled only when the profile is modified since the last publish. Whenever the changes to configuration are reverted, the publish button disappears. It disappears if there is no actual change to the profile, since the last publish.


1. In the Ivanti Access administrative portal, go to Profile > Overview.
2. Click Publish.

Publish is only available if a pair has been created.

3. Click OK.