Viewing Authenticator Only on Ivanti Neurons for MDM

After a device registers with Ivanti Neurons for MDM in Authenticator Only mode, device information and status is available on Ivanti Neurons for MDM.

Devices list

A device in Authenticator Only mode is listed with all other devices registered with Ivanti Neurons for MDM. To view device listings, on Ivanti Neurons for MDM, go to Devices > Devices. Go to the Settings icon and select the check box for Authenticator Only. Selecting the option makes the Authenticator Only column visible in Devices > Devices. The Settings icon is visible on the top right corner of Devices listing page.

The value for Authenticator Only displays as Yes if the device is registered as an Authenticator Only device.

Figure 1. Authenticator only column in devices list

Device details

The Authenticator Only device label is seen for devices when you click on the device listing for more details.

The label is also visible in the user portal for an Authenticator Only device.

Figure 2. Authenticator only label in device details


The Configuration tab in device details also displays the Authenticator Only configuration applied to the device.

Figure 3. Authenticator Only configuration in device details