Viewing Standalone Sentry information

You can view the Standalone Sentry information that you have added in Access. The registered Standalone Sentry checks-in every fifteen minutes to Ivanti Access. When Sentry does not check-in, authentication failures to cloud service providers might occur. When Sentry does not check-in for an hour, Ivanti Access displays an alert in the Sentry tab to resolve the issues. The administrator is also notified with an email every 30 minutes for 24 hours to diagnose the issues and resolve the check-in issue. The email notification is stopped after 24 hours.

If the Standalone Sentry that was registered to Access is no longer in use, unassign the Standalone Sentry from the profile to stop getting alerts.


1. Click Sentry in the left navigation pane of Access administrative portal after you have registered the Standalone Sentry.

You can now assign the Standalone Sentry to a profile.

The Supported versions of Standalone Sentry are also listed on this page.

2. Enter the administrator's password to assign the Standalone Sentry to a profile.
3. To view the detailed report of the Standalone Sentry that you have added, select the appropriate Sentry. The detailed report displays on the right pane.

Table 7.   Standalone Sentry information




The Overview section provides the following information:



Last Activity Time

Registration Time


The Inventory report provides the following information:


Machine Size

Product Version

Fips Enabled

Portal Url

Service Start Time

UEM Hostname

UEM Server Type


The Configuration report provides information about the status of the Sentry configuration.


The Registration report provides information about the status of Sentry registration.