Working with Test SP

The Test SP tab lets you test SP’s in your environment before using the service provider in your production deployment. You can add up to 5 test SP users in your environment.

Before you begin 

Verify that you have the metadata (Entity ID) details for the test SP.


1. Navigate to Settings > Test SP Users and click + Add Test SP User. The Add Test SP User window opens.
2. Enter the First name, Last name, Username, and Email for the SP user.
3. Click Done. The SP user is created.
4. On the Linked IDP tab, click + Add IDP Details and enter the IDP Name. Choose from one of the following options to login to the service provider:

Login to SP: Click this link to log in to the service provider.

Copy Login URL: Click this link to copy the SP login URL to use on a different browser.

5. Select Upload Metadata and upload the metadata file that you downloaded OR select Add Metadata and enter the details in the following table OR select Metadata URL and enter the URL for metadata details.

When you upload the IDP metadata file, the details are populated by default.




IDP Name

Test IDP name.

Entity ID

Entity ID from the metadata file.

NameId Format

Supported values:





Auth Request Signed

Yes or No

Assertion Signed

Yes or No

Response Signed

Yes or No

Default IDP

Yes or No

If the default IDP value is set to True,

Binding Type



Redirect Location

Enter the data from the metadata file.

Post Location

Enter the data from the metadata file.

Signature Algorithm



6. Click Done. The IDP details are added.
7. Click Login to SP to verify redirection.

Login to SP redirects to Test IDP and after providing credentials and successful authentication, it redirects to Test SP.