Disabling analytics data collection for AppConnect for Android

MobileIron Core collects data to analyze the use of AppConnect for Android apps to help provide customer support, perform bug fixes, improve product functionality and reliability and fulfill obligations to our customers. The data collected involving AppConnect apps are the key-value pairs set in MobileIron Core in the AppConnect app configuration of AppConnect apps or the Secure Apps Manager.

For a complete list of these key-value pairs, see AppConnect for Android key-value pairs.

You can disable this analytics data collection by adding the following key-value pair:

  • Value: true

You add the key-value pair:

  • For MobileIron Core deployments, on the AppConnect app configuration for Secure Apps Manager.


Analytics are collected only if the device is using Secure Apps Manager 8.3 and supported newer versions.


  1. In the MobileIron Core Admin Portal, go to Policies & Configs > Configurations.
  2. Select the AppConnect app configuration for the Secure Apps Manager.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. In the App-specific Configurations section, click Add+.
  5. Add the key MI_AC_DISABLE_ANALYTICS with the value true.
  6. Click Save.