Recovering the AppConnect passcode when forgotten

When you allow self-service AppConnect passcode recovery for Android devices in the AppConnect global policy, the Secure Apps Manager menu has an option Forgot Passcode.

The option is available only when the device user is logged out of AppConnect apps.

To create a new AppConnect passcode, device users:

1. Open the Secure Apps Manager.
2. Tap the menu for Secure Apps Manager (in its upper right corner).
3. Tap Forgot Passcode.
4. Enter their MobileIron Core registration credentials.
5. Create a new secure apps passcode, confirming it by reentering it.

Device users who leave this flow without creating a new AppConnect passcode will have to reenter their MobileIron Core credentials before creating a new AppConnect passcode.

See also "Self-service AppConnect passcode recovery" in AppConnect global policy.