Secure apps notifications

Throughout the steps for setting up secure apps on a device, and after the steps are completed, the device user receives notifications about the status of the Ivanti UEM client and secure apps. For example, a notification indicates whether the device user has logged in with the secure apps passcode.

When the device user powers on the device, a notification indicates that the user has not logged in with his secure apps passcode, and that the user has no email connection. The device user must log in to access secure apps.

To log in, the device user:

  1. Opens any secure app or the Secure Apps Manager.
  2. Enters his secure apps passcode.

Some secure apps, such as the email app, are active even when the device user is not using them. For example, the email app syncs email and calendar items. Until the device user logs in with his secure apps passcode, these apps cannot do their jobs.