About the [email protected] Container

This guide refers to Connected Cloud. Connected Cloud has reached end of life. Please see this article for more information.

The [email protected] Container is a custom iOS app designed to display the web-based [email protected] enterprise app storefront in a full-screen web view or “container.” This [email protected] app displays the same app storefront as the [email protected] web clip, but it also does the following:

  • The [email protected] app allows MobileIron Core to badge the [email protected] app home screen icon when app updates are available.

    The badge displays the number of updates and featured apps which have not yet been installed on the device.

  • The [email protected] app allows the app storefront to remain accessible to users in restrictive deployments where MobileIron Core enforces restrictions to disable Safari on devices.

Download, rebrand, and sign the [email protected] Container app if you want device users to have these features.

When using MobileIron Core through the latest supported version, you can provide custom branding assets such as the app name, app color, and banner icon. You provide these in the MobileIron Core Admin Portal in Apps > [email protected] Settings. For details, see “[email protected] Branding” in the [email protected] Guide.