Badge update delay

Due to an AppConnect limitation, it takes two AppConnect app check-ins for MobileIron Core to push the APNS badge token to the device. Therefore, badge updates do not work until the second time the [email protected] app checks-in with Core. If this is an issue for a device user, you can instruct the device user to do the following:

  1. Terminate the [email protected] app.
    Terminating the app is different from closing it. For example, to terminate an app on iOS 9 devices, touch the app card and flick it up and off the screen.
  2. Relaunch the [email protected] app.
  3. In [email protected], tap Settings > Check for Updates.
  4. Tap Continue.

You can use the [email protected] app WITHOUT doing any of the following:
- enabling AppConnect (Settings > System Settings > Additional Products > Licensed Products)
- enabling the AppConnect global policy