About apps for Android Enterprise

Android Enterprise apps are either public apps or private apps:

  • Public apps are apps that are available to the general public in the Google Play Store.
  • Private apps are apps developed for your organization in-house or by 3rd party developers that you distribute privately through Google Play. Only members of your domain have visibility into your private apps. Your private enterprise apps are available through the Google Play Store to registered users.

Besides making apps available in Google Play, you can make public and private (in-house) apps available for download to Android Enterprise devices in the App Catalog on Ivanti EPMM. They can be installed on user devices and supported for Work Managed Device and Managed Device with Profile modes. You do this by selecting the Install this app for Android enterprise check box in the app details.

You can select the Install this app for Android enterprise check box only if you are a global administrator which is an administrator assigned to the global space.

Ivanti EPMM supports various features that are specific to Android Enterprise apps. You specify your choices for these features when you add an Android Enterprise app to the App Catalog. Otherwise, working with the Android Enterprise apps in the App Catalog is the same as for any other platform:

  • Mark an app as Featured is available.
  • Assign an app to one or more Categories is available.
  • You must apply an app to a label to make it available to users.

You can change the “Install this app for Android enterprise” setting for each app in the app’s details, on the App Catalog page, at any time.

An app designated as available to Android Enterprise devices can also be available to all Android devices. The app will install appropriately on Work profiles or non-Android Enterprise devices.