Application dependency deployment

Many Windows applications need extra programs or libraries in order to run effectively. These are commonly known as dependencies. When a Windows application comes from the Microsoft store these dependencies are packaged with the device. However, in-house applications need include dependencies at the time the application is downloaded.

As app developers do not supply dependency libraries with their apps, Ivanti EPMM adds the dependencies on the devices before administrators install the apps on the devices, if necessary when developers use In-House deployment. Ivanti EPMM identifies the dependencies by name, uploads of the files, and deploys the dependencies on the device before administrators push the apps to the device.

Deploying app dependencies

When you upload an in-house app, Ivanti EPMM scans the app to identify dependencies. If Ivanti EPMM finds any, it lists them in the third step of the Add App Wizard. For any dependency needed by an application administrators can select to upload a dependency file. However, some apps might not install without uploading the dependency file.

Although an application needs a dependency file, Ivanti EPMM does not require that you upload any of the files to deploy an app.


  1. In the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal, go to Apps > App Catalog.
  2. Click Add+ > In-House to open the Add App Wizard.
  3. Click Browse to locate and select your in-house app.
  4. Select the main binary file for the app and click Next.
  5. Provide a description of the app and click Next.

    Ivanti EPMM scans the app for dependency files and lists them in the Application Dependencies table.

  6. Review the app information and verify that you selected the correct app.
  7. Click Upload File next to a dependency file name.
  8. Click Browse to locate and select a local copy of the file.
  9. Click Upload the Dependency File.

    The administrator can choose not to associate a dependency for the app installation by clicking No for the IS ASSOCIATED column.

  10. Click Add Additional Dependency to upload the additional dependencies, if the application requires additional dependencies for installation, but are not part of the application's manifest file (optional).

  11. Repeat, as necessary, for any uploading any other dependency files.
  12. Click Finish to complete the app upload process.
  13. Apply the app to a label to deploy the app to devices.
    1. Select the app.
    2. Click Actions > Apply to Labels.
    3. Select one or more labels.
    4. Click Apply.

The next time the devices, associated with the selected label(s), sync with Ivanti EPMM, the app is deployed n the device along with the dependent files.