Applying a user-based license

Follow the instructions in Applying device-based licensing to an app, but select User-based License instead.

While Apple supports user-based licensing for macOS apps, currently, there is an Apple issue with the installation of user-based licensed apps through MDM. As a result, Ivanti, Inc does not recommend applying user-based licenses to macOS.

For Apple-licensed apps that will be used by both User Enrolled devices and Device Enrolled devices, the license type should be set to Device-based licenses. Devices enrolled with Device Enrollment (DEP) where the Apple-licensed app is set to user based licenses will show the app as "Free" instead of "Prepaid" and the app will fail to install. User enrolled devices will always have the Apple-licensed app assigned as a user based license regardless of this setting.

Note the following:

  • In iOS 13+ and supported newer versions, all Apple Device Enrollments are mandatory.
  • In iOS 13+ and supported later versions, all devices using Apple Device Enrollment will be supervised and the iOS will ignore the is_supervised flag.