Editing in-house app information

Use the following steps to edit in-house app information, icons, and screenshots:

  1. In the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal, go to Apps > App Catalog.
  2. From the Filters pane on the left, select Platform > Windows or Windows Phone.
  3. Click the app name link in the Application Name column to display the app information.
  4. Click the Edit button to edit the following information:




    App Name

    The edited name appears in the App Catalog and Apps@Work, however, when you install the app on the device, the original name will be displayed on the device.

    Display Version

    The version of the app. This field is not editable.


    The author of the app as defined by the developer. This field is not editable.


    Select one or more categories to display this app in a category tab in Apps@Work or add a new category.

    1. Click Add New Category to define new categories.
    2. Enter a category Name (up to 64 characters).
    3. Enter a Description (up to 255 characters).
    4. In the Category Icon section, click the Replace Icon button.
    5. Browse and select an icon that will represent this Category.
    6. Click Save.


    Edit the app description.

    Apps@Work Catalog

    Feature this App in the Apps@Work catalog

    By default, the check box is selected to list the app in the Featured apps list in Apps@Work. This feature does not apply to AppConnect apps.

    Allow app downloads over insecure networks

    Select this if you are providing an Override URL (next field) that uses the HTTP URL scheme instead of HTTPS.

    Override URLs are intended for use behind a firewall, using a trusted and secure internal network. Before you use an HTTP URL, make sure you understand the risks of using an insecure connection.

    Override URL

    If you are using an alternate source for downloading in-house apps, enter that URL here. The URL must point to the in-house app in its alternate location.

    Override URLs are intended for use behind a firewall, using a trusted and secure internal network. Manual synchronization is required with the alternate HTTP server on which app are stored.

    See Override for in-house app URLs for the requirements for this configuration before using it.

    Application Enrollment Token (AET)

    The app enrollment token for Apps@Work enables companies to publish and distribute apps directly to Windows Phone devices (WP8.1) and bypassing the Windows Store. Companies can install in-house apps after they enroll their phones for app distribution from their company, then users who are enrolled for app distribution can install the company apps.

    Silent Upgrade / Install

    • Clearing the check box means the device user will need to manually install the app. When the check box is cleared, the Schedule Installation field disappears.
    • Selecting the check box will install the app silently. The app is installed when the device checks in with Ivanti EPMM. User action is not required.

    For more information, see Silent install and uninstall of mandatory apps.

    Silent install is not supported for MAM-only Android devices.

    Schedule Installation

    Selecting the check box means the application will be installed within the specified time interval. All timings are device local time.


    App Icon

    Click Browse to navigate and select a new graphic. Click OKto replace the existing graphic.


    Click Browse to navigate and select a new screenshot. Click OK to replace the existing screenshot.

  5. Click Save.