Linking Ivanti EPMM to an Apple licensed account

To use Apple licenses with Ivanti EPMM, you must log into your Apple license account to retrieve a managed distribution token. You will then use the token to link Ivanti EPMM to your Apple license account. Licenses are automatically available after you link your Apple license account to Ivanti EPMM. Licenses are updated each time Ivanti EPMM syncs with Apple’s servers.

Before you begin

Be sure to open the relevant HTTPS port for Apple license support. For information about which port to open on Ivanti EPMM for access to, see the “Changing Firewall Rules” section in the On-Premise Installation Guide for Ivanti EPMM and Enterprise Connector.


Some of the instructions in this section describe how to perform a procedure on a third-party website whose topology may change, affecting the navigation path described here.

  1. In the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal, select Apps > Apple Licenses.
  2. Click +Add Server Token.

    The Add Server Token dialog box opens.

  3. Click on the Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager link. A browser page opens to the correct login page on the Apple portal.
  4. Click Settings > Apps and Books.
  5. Under My Server Tokens, look for the location you want to use and click the Download link to get the token.
  6. Open the token as a .txt file and copy the token string.
  7. Return to Ivanti EPMM > Add Server Token dialog box.
  8. Paste the token into the Server Token field (required). This field accepts tokens of lengths up to 1024 characters. The License expiration date displays below Server Token field.

    If another user logged into the Apple site and has downloaded the same location's token and added to your Ivanti EPMM, your attempt to add the Apple license will fail. An error message indicates that an Apple license with the same license already exists on Ivanti EPMM.

  9. In the Account Name field, enter a name for the account.
  10. Enter an optional Description for your use.
  11. Ivanti, Inc recommends that you leave the VPP Account is shared with one of more MobileIron Ivanti EPMMs field de-selected. This indicates to Ivanti EPMM to only ask Apple for the VPP license information from newly-assigned licenses. For full license sync, see Importing licensed apps from an Apple licensed account.

  12. Click Save.

  13. Proceed to Importing licensed apps from an Apple licensed account.