Setting up Chrome with Android Enterprise

You can deploy Google Chrome to Android Enterprise devices if you have set up Ivanti EPMM for Android Enterprise.

Add Chrome to the App Catalog on Ivanti EPMM as you would any Android Enterprise app. That is, in the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal, in Apps > App Catalog, add Gmail from Google Play. When adding it, be sure to select Install this app for Android enterprise.

When you add the Chrome app, its app configurations are displayed in the Configuration Choices section. Google documents these settings at

The value of the ManagedBookmarks configuration must be in JSON format. For example:

[{“toplevel_name”: “Ivanti bookmarks”}, {“url”: ““, “name”: “Ivanti”},

{“url”: “”, “name”: “Youtube”}, {“name”: “Chrome links”,

“children”: [{“url”: “”, “name”: “Chromium”},

{“url”: “”, “name”: “Chromium Developers”}]}].