Whitelisting public apps for the Samsung Knox container

On Samsung Knox devices, you can whitelist public apps for the Samsung Knox container. When you add a public Android app in the App Catalog to a whitelist, device users can copy the app to the Samsung Knox container.

Note the following:

  • This feature is supported for Samsung Knox 2.1 through 2.6.
  • In-house apps that you specify in the whitelist are automatically installed in the Samsung Knox container.
  • Samsung Knox features are not supported on MAM-only Android devices.

Whitelisting a public app for the Samsung Knox container

You whitelist a public app for the Samsung Knox container by adding it to the Samsung Knox container setting for a device.


  1. Add Android apps from the Google Play Store in the App Catalog.
  2. Edit a Samsung Knox Container configuration in Policies & Configs > Configurations > Android > Samsung KNOX Container.
  3. In the Apps section of the configuration, add the Google Play Store app. The app is now whitelisted.

    Adding the public app here does not install it into the Samsung Knox container on the device automatically. The device user must take action (see below). However, when you add in-house apps to the Apps section, the in-house apps are automatically installed into the container.

  4. To help users identify the whitelisted apps, Ivanti, Inc recommends that you add the apps to a distinct category in Apps@Work. For example, you can call the category “Whitelist for Knox”. The user will not see any distinctions for whitelisted apps.

Adding a whitelisted app into the Samsung Knox container

After you have whitelisted a public app for the Samsung Knox container, the device user takes the following steps on a Samsung Knox device to copy a whitelisted app into the Knox container.


  1. Launch Knox Settings.
  2. Tap Select apps to install.

    The list of available apps appears. Note that the whitelisted apps are not distinguished from other apps. The user can refer to the special category in Apps@Work (if you set one up) to discover whitelisted apps.

  3. Tap an app to install.

    • If the app selected is on the whitelist, the app will be installed inside the Knox container.

If the app is not on the whitelist, a notification informs the device user that a security policy prevented the app from installing.