Labels and delegated administration

Delegated administration enables administrators to create labels and to assign other administrators the roles to view, apply and remove labels. This section describes label behavior in Ivanti EPMM systems using delegated administration.

  • Within a device space, you can view both local and global labels. However, from a device space you cannot edit global labels or apply and remove them.

  • The Labels page has a new column, Space, that lists the device space where the label was created (either global or a device space name).

  • Label names are unique within an instance of Ivanti EPMM. For example, you cannot have a label named Android in the global space and another label named Android in the device space Boston Help Desk.

    • Ivanti EPMM enforces this restriction. For example, suppose an administrator creates a label for the device space Boston Help Desk, and gives it the name HelpDesk. If another administrator in a different device space attempts to create a label named HelpDesk, Ivanti EPMM returns an error message to the second administrator, stating that label name is already in use.
  • Local labels can be deleted only from the device space in which they are defined.

  • Global labels can be deleted only from the global space. You can save labels from an advanced search so they can be applied later to policies or configurations.