Managing Apple Licenses

Delegated administration support is extended to manage Apple App Licenses in a device space. The Space administrator can create an Apple License account to purchase and distribute apps in their device space. The Space administrator can also add, edit, delete Apple Licenses, change priority, update licenses and distribute Apple apps.

The Global administrator can view the details of all the Apple Licenses in global and other custom spaces. But a Space administrator can only view the details of the Apple Licenses available in the device space.

A new Space column has been added to Apps> App Licenses. The space column is only shown when there is more than one space that is available. The space column shows the name of the device space the Apple License belongs to. The Space administrator can perform actions for the Apple Licenses in his device space.

Adding Apple Licenses in custom space

Adding Apple Licenses in a custom space is similar to adding Apple Licenses in a global space. The Apple Licenses added in a space is usable only in that space. This holds true for both global and sub spaces. The Apple Licenses added in a subspace by the Space administrator cannot be used in the global space.

To manage Apple Licenses in a device space, the Global administrator should enable the Manage App Licenses role for Space administrator. To assign app management role select Admin > Admins> Select the name> Actions >Edit Roles page.

You cannot add the same Apple License to multiple spaces.

Managing the Apple License app distribution in device space

A Space administrator can distribute Apple apps belonging to space Apple Licenses by selecting the Manage Licenses action in Apps > App Catalog > Action menu. For any Apple app, the column Licenses Purchased/Used will show the data only for the Apple Licenses that belong to the logged-in device space. For example, in global space the total number of Apple licenses purchased would be a sum of all the licenses from global Apple License accounts.

If a device that is consuming an Apple License from a space Apple License account moves to a different device space, the following would be the impact:-

A device can move from one device space to another if the space criteria is changed or the space priority is changed or the current space is deleted.

  • If the app is not present for distribution in the new space, the app is deleted and license is revoked from the device.
  • If the app is distributable as a normal app (non-Apple License) in the new space, then the Apple app is not deleted but the Apple License is revoked for that app.
  • If the app is distributable as a Apple License app in the new space, the Apple license would still be revoked for the app and a new license would not be assigned unless the app is re-installed.

When a device space is deleted, all the Apple Licenses created in the device space would also be deleted.