About Samsung Android kiosk

The Samsung Android kiosk feature enables you to configure supported Samsung Android devices to use only specified apps. Samsung Android kiosk mode is intended for devices that serve very specific functions for an organization.

Examples include:

  • A retail store might want to use tablets to provide one or two custom apps for customers to use while shopping.
  • A school might want to distribute tablets that present only appropriate apps for the user who signs in.

Though the Samsung Android kiosk feature allows multiple users to log in on a given device, it does not represent full multi-user support. It is intended as a view filter for apps. The profiles on the device do not change when different users log in. Instead, a custom list of apps displays based on the current user.

The kiosk feature has two modes of operation:

  • single-app mode, where only one app is allowed to run on the device
  • multiple-app mode, where multiple designated apps are allowed to run on the device

AppConnect apps are supported only in multiple-app mode. They are not supported in single-app mode. Multiple-app mode support with AppConnect apps is not available prior to Ivanti Mobile@Work 9.1 for Android.


  • Samsung Android kiosk mode is available on Samsung Knox devices.