About Help@Work for Android

Help@Work for Android with TeamViewer is an integration that enables administrators to get remote control access to supported Android devices managed by Ivanti EPMM. VPN is not required. After initiating a remote control session from the Admin Portal using FCM, administrators can configure Android devices and troubleshoot issues without having the devices in hand. The remote control session displays on the administrator’s desktop, enabling point-and-click navigation of the device.


Help@Work for Android requires:

  • access to the Ivanti Support site during initial setup for one-time license activation
  • a company email address (belonging to an organization rather than an individual) that can be used for the TeamViewer account
  • appropriate firewall rules to support FCM (see the On-Premise Installation Guide for Ivanti EPMM and Enterprise Connector
  • TeamViewer 10 Desktop edition

Supported devices

For information on supported Android devices, go to https://www.teamviewer.com/En/help/341-How-can-I-control-my-Android-device-with-TeamViewer.aspx.