Adding custom attributes to users and/or devices

You can add up to 300 custom attributes for users and 300 custom attributes for devices.

Ivanti EPMM supports a maximum of 20 LDAP Custom Attributes as substitution variables. Further Custom Attributes can only be used to define Labels


  1. Log into the Admin Portal.
  2. Go to Settings > System Settings > Users & Devices > Custom Attributes.
  3. In the Custom Device Attributes section, click Add+.
  4. Enter the information for the custom attribute for devices, including:



    Attribute Name

    Enter a name for the custom attribute.

    Attribute Description

    Enter a meaningful description for the custom attribute.

    Value Type

    Select one of three value types: boolean, integer or string. For information on Android Zero Touch custom attributes, see Zero Touch enrollment with custom attributes.

    Variable Name

    This field is read-only and displays the machine-generated name of the device that is used as a substitution variable in policies and configurations. For example, the substitution variable $USERNAME$ is replaced with the actual device username.


    Click Save. The new custom device attribute is created and displays in the table.

  5. (Optional) For Apple School Manager, click Add+and create a new Custom Device Attribute for device carts, for example, DeviceCartName, and choose the string value type. Remember this custom attribute name as you will need it when you turn on Apple Education in Ivanti EPMM.

  6. In the Custom User Attributes section, click Add+.
  7. Referring to the table above, enter the information for the custom user attributes.
  8. Click Save. The new custom user attribute is created and displays in the table.
  9. (Optional) Repeat the steps, as needed.