Android devices and the Client Is Always Connected option

Android devices support the Client is Always Connected option on the sync policy. Enable this option only when FCM (previously GCM) cannot be used. These situations include:

  • Regions and countries in which FCM is not available.
  • Select commercial and government use cases.
  • Devices which do not support FCM, such as the Amazon Kindle.

Google shut down GCM service on May 29, 2019. GCM is replaced by Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). Ivanti EPMM and Ivanti Mobile@Work for Android or supported newer versions now use FCM. See Customer Notice - GCM Batch End of life.

Ivanti EPMM uses FCM to immediately send lock, unlock, retire, and wipe, commands to devices. You can also send notification messages to devices using FCM. With Always Connected option enabled, Ivanti EPMM can send these commands and notification messages to the device at any time without using FCM.

Ivanti recommends that you enable Always Connected mode on a maximum of 5000 devices per Ivanti EPMM instance. The reason is that the device generates a regular connection status check to Ivanti EPMM when using Always Connected mode. This status check can impact the device as follows:

  • It will cause a small increase in battery power consumption on the device.
  • It will cause a small increase in bandwidth usage on the device, which sometimes is a concern when using cellular networks.