AppConnect for Samsung Knox devices

In Ivanti EPMM deployments that use AppConnect, AppConnect for Knox is automatically used on Samsung devices that meet the following requirements:

  • Device has Samsung Knox 2.1
  • Device is running Ivanti Mobile@Work 7.0 for Android or supported newer versions.
  • A Samsung General Policy with a valid Samsung KLM license is applied to a label that is also applied to the device. The Samsung license is required to take advantage of any Knox-related feature.

No changes are required to AppConnect configurations on Ivanti EPMM.

About AppConnect for Knox

AppConnect is an Ivanti feature that containerizes apps to protect data on the device from unauthorized access. In AppConnect for Knox , Ivanti Mobile@Work uses Samsung Knox Platform features to provide an added layer of security. Specifically:

  • Knox SE for Android (Security Enhancements for Android)

    AppConnect uses an SE for Android container for an added layer of security for the container and AppConnect-enabled apps.

    Knox TIMA Keystore

  • AppConnect’s Secure Apps key is protected using the TIMA keystore.

No user interface changes in Ivanti Mobile@Work or Ivanti EPMM are associated with this feature.

The Samsung Knox container, known as the Knox Workspace, is not supported with AppConnect apps. Specifically:

  • The Samsung Knox container does not support any AppConnect apps running inside the Knox container.
  • Ivanti EPMM does not support using both a Knox container and AppConnect container on the same device.