Basic search for devices

You can quickly search for devices based on the following criteria:

  • Label
  • User Principal/ID
  • User Email Address
  • User First/Last Name

To search by label, you can:

  • Select the appropriate label name from the Labels list.
  • Enter the initial letters of the label name in the Labels list.

    The list changes to show only label names containing the letters you entered.

Figure 1. Search by label

To search by the other criteria, select any label in the Labels list then use the following syntax in the Search by User or Device field:

  • uid:<User Principal/ID>
  • mail:<User Email Address>
  • name:<User First/Last Name>

The prefixes mail: and name: are optional. All others are required. For example, to find the devices registered with the email address [email protected], you can enter the following: mail:[email protected] or or just [email protected].