Refreshing a Android Bulk Enrollment token

Once you have created Android Bulk Enrollment profiles, you can update the token associated to the profile.

Refreshing a token will cause the token to be updated for all devices with the profile.


  1. Go to Devices & Users > Android Bulk Enrollment.

  2. Select a profile.

  3. Select Actions > Refresh Bulk Enrollment Token.

  4. The Refresh Bulk Enrollment Token dialog box displays. Select one of the following:

    1. Extend validity by [7] days (minimum 7 days, maximum 99 days)

    2. Regenerate Token - Optionally, the token can be regenerated. This means a completely new token is created for the profile with a default of 7 days of expiration.

  5. Select the Update Token button.

  6. When the Bulk Enrollment Token action succeeds, select OK.