Custom Configuration support for Zebra devices

You can deploy a custom configuration for your Zebra devices using XML configuration files from Zebra’s StageNow software. The custom XML configuration file is uploaded to Ivanti EPMM as a text file, and applied to a label. This XML configuration is then pushed to the Zebra device. To deploy the XML configuration file:

  1. Go to Policies & Configs > Configurations > Add New > Android > Android XML Configuration to display the New Android XML Configuration page.

  2. Enter the Name and Description of the configuration.

  3. In the Configuration Type field, select Zebra.

  4. Select Browse to navigate to and select the XML configuration file.

  5. Read the warning and select the I Agree check box.

  6. Select Save.

XML configuration files is supported on Zebra 4.4 devices, see Zebra devices and Stage Now software.

Ivanti EPMM supports Android remote control of Zebra devices with TeamViewer. For more information, see knowledge base article Support for Help@work on Zebra devices for Ivanti EPMM.