Pull client logs for client devices

To troubleshoot challenging technical support issues when working with Ivanti, Inc Technical Support, you can pull client logs of an Android or iOS client device without requiring any interaction from the end user. From the Admin Portal, use the Pull client log command to obtain client logs. The Pull client log action as well as the success or failure of the event is captured in the Audit logs. This feature does not work on Windows and chromeOS devices.

The Pull client log command is not available to delegated administrator roles; only administrators who have the Manage Devices role can use this feature.

When the Pull client logs command is delivered to the device, it instructs the Ivanti Mobile@Work client to collect logs running on the device. This may include logs from all the secure apps running on the device. These logs are pulled to the server's file storage.

Potentially, there is one interaction that may cause a message to be displayed to a device user. If the device has an AppConnect configuration and a number of secure apps installed, then the Ivanti Mobile@Work client may momentarily go to the foreground of the device display and request secure apps logs from the Secure AppManager application. Under these conditions, a message is displayed on the device that states a device administrator is pulling Ivanti Mobile@Work client logs and logs from the secure applications for analysis. Also, the message states that this is a short interruption.

When you have an AppConnect configuration that is running and SecureApps Manager and the SecureApps Manager does not communicate with Ivanti Mobile@Work in a timely fashion, then the end user may be prompted to log in again.

You can retrieve the client logs from the System Manager. Select Troubleshooting > Logs in the Export Logs section. Select Show Tech (All Logs). For more information see "Exporting logs" in the Ivanti EPMM System Manager Guide.

Before you pull a client log, you may want to set log encryption and then upload this configuration on the device. When you enable log encryption, the client will encrypt logs when the Pull client log action is taken. By default, log encryption is set to off. To set log encryption, you can use the default log encryption certification or custom certification. See Device log encryption on Android devices for instructions on how to set device log encryption for Android devices.

To access the Pull client log command:

  1. Go to Devices & Users > Devices.
  2. Select the check box next to a device. You may only select one device.
  3. Click the Actions button.
  4. Select Pull Client Logs. The Pull Client Logs dialog box displays. The Devices field displays the name of the device that you selected. You cannot add additional devices here.
  5. (Optional) Add any notes about this action in the Notes section.
  6. Click the Pull Client Logs button to launch this request to the server.