Rebooting a device

Administrators can remotely reboot devices using Ivanti EPMM. In the Device Details page, Elapsed Time Since Reboot (minutes) indicates the amount of time, in minutes, since the device(s) was last rebooted.

Applicable to Android 7.0 managed devices, Managed Device with Work Profile, and Samsung Device Admin (DA).

This feature is not applicable for Android devices 7.0 or below, or for non-managed devices (Work Profile and Device Admin modes.)

"Reboot" displays in the audit logs with the number of minutes since the last device reboot.


  1. In the Admin Portal, select Devices & Users.
  2. Select device(s) and then select Actions > Android Only > Reboot.
  3. The Reboot dialog box opens.

  4. Confirm by selecting Reboot.
  5. A Reboot status displays, listing the successful reboot for supported devices and the unsupported / failed reboots.