Setting Up the SMS & Call Log Archive feature

Complete the following steps to set up the SMS & Call Log Archive feature.


  1. In the Admin Portal, go to Settings > System Settings.
  2. Go to Android > SMS & Call Log Archive.
  3. Select the type of archive:
    • Email
    • Splunk
    • Store and Forward to Internal Server
    • Do not archive to turn off the feature
  4. If you select Email, use the following guidelines to complete the settings in Email Configuration:



    Default From Address

    Enter the email address to include in the From field of the emails generated for archiving the SMS and call log messages.

    Destination Email Addresses

    Enter the email addresses for the archival systems to which the generated emails are being sent. Separate the email addresses with commas (,).

    Host/IP Addresses

    Enter the host name or IP address of each SMTP server to use for relaying the email to the SMS archival destinations. You may specify the same SMTP server that you specified when you configured Ivanti EPMM. If you specify multiple addresses, then Ivanti EPMM attempts to connect to each in the order specified until a successful connection is established.

    TLS Enabled

    Select Yes if you want to enable TLS for communication with the SMTP relay server.

    STARTTLS Required

    If you selected Yes for the TLS Enabled option, indicate whether the STARTTLS protocol is required for the specified SMTP servers.

    Check SMTP Connection

    Select this option to confirm SMTP access.

    • Because most archival systems are designed for archiving email (and, therefore, parsing SMTP content), the Ivanti EPMM SMS & Call Log Archive feature can forward SMS content and other data via email. MMS data is not captured as part of this feature.
  5. If you select Splunk Forwarder, make sure that Splunk Forwarder is configured in System Manager (see Ivanti EPMM System Manager Guide for details).
  6. If you select Store and Forward to Internal Server, use the following guidelines to complete the settings in Server Configuration:



    Forward using

    Select either SFTP or SCP as the protocol


    Host name or IP address of the server (required)

    Port Number

    22 (default port number on the server)


    Username of user associated with the server


    Password for user specified in Username

    Confirm Password

    Enter the password again to confirm

    Server Path

    Path to the server

    Check Server Connection

    Select to test the connection to the specified server

  7. If you requested encryption of the logs, select Upload Encryption Certificate to upload the certificate.
  8. In Archive Settings, enter the number of hours that Ivanti EPMM should wait before forwarding collected messages to their archival destinations. The default value is 4.
  9. (Optional) Select Send Now to immediately archive all currently collected messages.
  10. Select Save.