Setting the system update policy for Android devices

Administrators can limit device users from managing system updates on Android 6.0 devices (or later releases that are supported by Ivanti, Inc). When multiple policies are applied to devices, you can select a priority for applying the policy to avoid conflicts.

The System update policy applicable to:

  • Work Managed Device mode
  • Managed Device with Work Profile (COPE) mode
  • Work Profile on Company Owned Device mode

It is not applicable to Work Profile mode.

Before you begin 

  • Verify that effected devices are running Android 6.0 (or later releases that are supported by Ivanti, Inc).


  1. Log into the Admin Portal.
  2. Go to Policies & Configs > Policies.
  3. Click Add New > Android > Firmware policy.
  4. Enter a unique name for the policy in the Name field.
  5. Select a Status.
    • Active: to turn on this policy.
    • Inactive: to turn off this policy.
  6. Select Priority then select Higher than or Lower than to select an existing policy from the drop-down list.
  7. This option is only available if there is more than one priority.
  8. Enter a Description (optional).
  9. Select the System Update Policy for Android 6.0 or higher check box and enable the following options:
    • Automatic: silently apply the policy whenever new firmware is available.
    • Update Window: schedule a time period to silently apply the new firmware.
    • Select a start and end time to schedule the firmware update.
    • Postpone: this is hard-coded by the OS and skips any OS updates for up to 30 days after which it becomes automatic.
  10. (Optional) In the Freeze Period section, click +Add Freeze Date. The Start Date and End Date fields display. The Freeze Period cannot be more than 90 days and the next Freeze Period can be selected only after 60 days from the previous calendar end date.

    The Freeze Period spans the calendar year. It cannot span over two calendar years, for example, from December to January.

    Click in the field or on the calendar icon. A calendar displays. Click on the desired date. You must have both a start date and end date entered.

  11. Click Save.
  12. Select the policy then select Actions > Apply to Label.
  13. Select one or more labels.
  14. Click Apply.