Starting a remote control session

This section explains how to start a Help@Work for Android remote control session.

  1. Ask the device user to install the TeamViewer QuickSupport app.

    It should be displayed in the Ivanti EPMM app catalog on the device.

  2. In the Admin Portal, go to Devices & Users > Devices.
  3. In the Devices page, select the entry for the device.
  4. Confirm that the device is supported by Help@Work for Android. See Help@Work for Android
  5. Select Actions > Android Only > Remote Control.
  6. If a page requesting a session ID displays, ignore it.

  7. Launch the TeamViewer 10 application when prompted.
  8. If your browser has pop-up blocking enabled, then allow pop-ups for your Ivanti EPMM URL.
  9. If the TeamViewer QuickSupport app does not launch on the device, ask the device user to tap the Ivanti Mobile@Work icon.

    The required session ID is automatically displayed on the device.

    The device user should then see a prompt similar to the one below.

  10. Ask the device user to tap Allow.

    You should now see the remote control session displayed on your screen.

To close a remote control session from the device

To close a remote control session from the desktop:

  1. Tap the TeamViewer QuickSupport app icon.

  2. Tap the X in the upper right corner of the TeamViewer QuickSupport app.

To close a remote control session from the desktop

To close a remote control session from the desktop:

  1. Launch the TeamViewer desktop.

  2. Sign in using your TeamViewer credentials.

  3. Select the session.
  4. Select Close.

For more information on using remote control

For information on how to use TeamViewer remote control, see

If you accidentally close the session

If you close the session window on your desktop, you can re-establish the session using the URL displayed in the Launch TeamViewer Session dialog.

This dialog displays at the beginning of each session, but might be hidden behind other windows. Copy and paste the displayed URL in a browser window to regain access to the session. Make sure the session ID displayed in the dialog matches the one displayed in the TeamViewer app on the device.