Synchronizing Ivanti EPMM with Apple Education servers

Synchronizing Ivanti EPMM with Apple Education servers allows you to view the most recent information in your Apple Education account. Ivanti EPMM synchronizes with Apple School Manager daily. This option is available to synchronize on demand as needed.

The Last Sync time stamp indicates the last time and date Ivanti EPMM synchronized Apple Education data. Sync Status indicates the synchronization progress, success, or failure.

Synchronizing with Apple Education servers can take some time.

Before you begin 

Complete the procedure in Enabling Apple Education in Ivanti EPMM


  1. Select Devices & Users > Apple Education. The Apple Education page displays.
  2. Under Apple Education, select the Sync button.

    When Ivanti EPMM has completed the synchronization attempt, the Sync Status indicates whether the synchronization was successful.

  3. Optionally, select the status to view more information about the status of the synchronization.

    For example, if the synchronization failed, select Failed. A pop-up window is displayed, indicating that the synchronization with Apple School Manager failed, the error that caused the failure, and the time stamp of when the synchronization attempt began.

  4. If the sync fails, select Sync again.

    Alternatively, wait for Ivanti EPMM to automatically sync with Apple School Manager servers. Ivanti EPMM attempts to sync with Apple School Manager every 24 hours.

What happens in Ivanti EPMM

After synchronizing with Apple School Manager, you can see the complete list of individuals, classes, locations, and so on, including the role of the individual, such as teacher or student. Ivanti EPMM extrapolates roles based on class and individual information, which includes course, location, teacher, and students.

To view the number of teachers and students:

  • Select Policies & Configs > Configurations > System - Apple Education Configuration.
  • Select Details to view the number of teachers and students.

What happens on the device

If the device has a value for the Managed Apple ID custom attribute and that ID is not associated to a class (as either a student or teacher), Ivanti EPMM shows a value of none for the Role column in the table of Apple School Manager data. In this case, that device shows an error for the Apple Education configuration.

If a class lacks a teacher or students, then Ivanti EPMM shows an error indicating that the configuration is not set.