Trust and Untrust options for client users

If enabled, client users can use the Trust and UnTrust options to protect company data and applications in risky locations.

Figure 1. Trust and UnTrust options in self-service portal

  • UnTrust: Users select this option to temporarily remove confidential information and applications from their device. Use this option before entering a location where device security may be at higher than normal risk, such as in airports.
  • Trust: Users select this option to restore confidential information and applications on their device. Use this option when no unusual device security risks exist.

Before you begin 

  • An administrator must configure Trust and UnTrust labels for device users. See Enabling the iOS Trust/UnTrust option.
  • Client device users must have the Trust/Untrust role assigned to them or to their LDAP group.


To enable Trust and Untrust options on the device:

  1. From a supported iPhone, click the Ivanti icon. The following pop-up message displays:

    Untrusted Enterprise Developer
    "iPhone Distribution: Ivanti" has not been trusted on this iPhone. Until this developer has been trusted, their enterprise apps will not be available for use."

  2. Click Cancel to close the window.
  3. Click Settings > General > Device Management. The Ivanti app will display there under Enterprise App.
  4. Click the Ivanti icon. A confirmation window displays.
  5. Click Trust. The Trust/Untrust option is enabled.
  6. When in an insecure location, click UnTrust. Your company assets will be removed from the device until the device is once again Trusted.