User experience for staging and shared kiosk users

The staging and shared kiosk users have different user experiences when logging in and out of the kiosk. If you have defined a pin in the staging kiosk policy, the staging user has access to the Exit Kiosk menu command within Settings. However, the shared kiosk user has access to their permitted apps as well as to the Logout Kiosk command.

Both the login and logout operations must be done when the device is online which allows a connection to the Ivanti EPMM server during these operations.

Staging user experience


  1. Select the Ivanti Mobile@Work menu on the device and then select Kiosk to put the device into kiosk mode.The banner and background image are displayed on the screen of the staging user if they have been configured.
  2. Select the Settings icon--theExit Kiosk command as well as the WIFI, Bluetooth, and Location Settings options are displayed.
  3. To exit the kiosk, select Settings icon and then select Exit Kiosk. Then you are prompted to enter a pin.
  4. After you enter the pin, the shared kiosk mode is released and the Android home screen is displayed. See the following Android shared-kiosk login screen example.

To re-engage in shared-kiosk mode, repeat step 1.

Figure 1. Android shared-kiosk login screen example

Example of an Android shared-kiosk login screen.

Shared-kiosk mode user experience


  1. The staging login page is displayed.
  2. Enter the shared-kiosk user credentials. It can take up to 30 seconds for the login to complete. Then the shared-kiosk screen is displayed. The Settings icon as well as the icons of the available apps are displayed on this screen. Any branding settings, such as banner, background color, or background image, are also displayed.
  3. Use any of the allowed apps.(The shared kiosk user has access to at least one app.)
  4. Select the Settings option, and then the WIFI, Bluetooth, and Location Settings options are displayed. along with the Logout Kiosk command.
  5. To exit, select Settings > Logout Kiosk command. Then the staging login page is displayed on the device.

Monitor Android shared-kiosk mode

While you are setting up the shared-kiosk mode, you may want to verify which user, staging or shared, is logged into a device.


  1. Go to Devices & Users > Devices.
  2. Select the check box next to a shared-kiosk device.
  3. Select the Devices panel to display users who are currently logged in. When a shared-kiosk user successfully logs in, the display name on the Devices panel is updated accordingly.