Wear OS by Google

Ivanti Mobile@Work for Android utilizes the Google Wear OS app as a companion app for Android phones and tablets. The Wear OS app works with Ivanti Mobile@Work in Android Enterprise deployments for Work managed device (DO) mode. The Wear OS app can be used by administrators to track the presence and inventory of apps on Wear OS devices in a corporate environment.

In Ivanti EPMM, the Devices & Users page displays the information gathered from the watch, in addition to displaying all watches paired with the local device. If the connection to the Wear OS device is not established up to 1 week, Ivanti EPMM will purge the data from the Device Details page > Wear OS tab. Ivanti Mobile@Work will not display watches paired with remote devices.

Ivanti Mobile@Work for Android (phone) receives Wear OS data from the Wear OS device (watch) and the Android system tends to cache this data for an unknown time frame. There is a possibility that the true value of the "Wear OS Client Installed" field in Device Details > Wear OS tab is delayed for several hours.


  1. Create a Wear OS policy (see Working with Wear OS device policies.)
  2. View the paired watch in the Device Details page > Wear OS tab. (see Viewing paired watch information .)
  3. Search for watch information in Advanced searching .
  4. Removing paired watch information.

Viewing paired watch information

Once you have a Wear OS policy in place, the Device Details page displays information about the Wear OS device that is connected to a mobile phone. This feature is applicable to Work managed device (DO) mode.


  1. Select Devices & Users > Devices.
  2. Select the device. The device details display below.
  3. Select the Wear OS tab. The Wear OS device details and application inventory display.
Table 2.  Wear OS tab



Last Check-in Time

Lists the time stamp of the last time the Wear OS app checked in. The value field is updated when the device checks in.

Android Wear Make

Displays the make of the Wear OS device.

OS version

Displays the OS of the Wear OS device.


Displays the model of the Wear OS device.


Displays the brand of the Wear OS device.

Serial Number

The serial number of the watch. The value of this item is blank if the device user has not granted permission on the watch app.

Below the initial Wear OS information, a table displays the name of the app, its version number and the app's identifier.

Removing paired watch information

When the Ivanti Mobile@Work client is erased (wiped) from the phone, the Wear OS data (including policies) stored in Ivanti EPMM is purged after a specific time frame, only if the device is retired and the purge data setting is active. For example, if the device is retired and the "Delete Retired Device" field is set for 1 day, the data is purged from the Wear OS tab after 1 day the device is retired. Administrators can change the purge time frame (1-365 days) in Settings >Users & Devices > Delete Retired Devices.